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Some Public Recongition Of The Problem

I read this story in our local newspaper yesterday.

I also showed it to my partner, the refuser in our relationship.  She had no real reaction.  She continues to believe that her refusal over the years was justified by how I was treating her.  My behavior apparently wasn't bad enough to try counseling or try harder to get her view across but it was be bad enough for her to withhold sex.  Getting irritated with her about refusing, well, that is one of the ways I treated her poorly. 

The ulitmate Catch-22.

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Well you can always Treat her to a full set of divorce papers I suppose. But she would probably see that as abuse too. But what have you got to lose is she going to cut you off? Oh she already did that well if you cut off the financial goodies then that would only be fair I guess. Give her life back to her and let her be free (and incidentally you get to be free too). Let her move on to her next victim since she's saving herself for him anyway.