Sex Only 5 Times In Past 3 Years

my husband still looks at other woman and reads pornographic stories on ******. So that leads me to believe he has a sex drive just not for me. last night we had an aweful fight, I walked in on him in the bathroom reading pornagraphy on his IPAD i bought him. I asked him what he was looking at and he got real defensive and started wrestling with me for th IPAD, He then called me a ******* bith. I got control of the pad and ran out of the room and there was ***** on there. He then held me down on the bed and wouldnt let me up. till i threatened to call the police. he then dared me to smash the IPAD. Which I did but I feel he wanted me to so I wouldnt see what was on there. I dont know what to do. He has now moved into the other bedroom. tHE FEW TIMES WE HAVE HAD SEX HE HAS NOT ORGASMED. I am very sexually frustrated and he rejects my advances all the time , Nothing is working. I feel like I am going crazy....
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Try to get him into counseling or dump him. Life is too short to not have sex often. I made that decision several years ago and split from a sexless marriage. I now have the woman of my dreams who fulfills almost all of my sexual fantasies. You deserve the same.... we all do.

I don't know if **** is the problem. He still has some kind of sexual need. Perhaps he has some deep seeded (sister) issues. If there is still some love in your relationship, help is available. You should both seek some help from a professional.....a Psychologist, or Psychiatrist. Some dialog (communication) of your (both of you) needs should be discussed. If this is out of the question then you should separate. It's not healthy for either one of you to live in this type of environment. There is a life after this relationship. You are enough of an outgoing, and passionate person to post these issues online. You will find someone else. I'm sure there are plenty of lonely men that would love to share their time, not to mention enjoy having sex with you. I trust you will find what you are looking for.<br />
Best of Luck.

**** or not, this isn't an example of a healthy relationship. There's someone for everyone out there; he's just not the one for you. Time to move on.

It appears your situation is much worse than I first realized. Seems like your husband is addicted to ****. **** viewing for men is so safe an annonamous. Men view and get off and then feel the guilt. Make no mistake it is an addiction. Those who view, men or women can be overcome with it and ruin what is real for what is not. Unless they are internet dating and that is another issue. Counseling is the next step. I do hope your situation improves. Thinking of you...