It Ends Like This?

Been married 35 years. No sex, kissing, touching for the past 3 years. I've asked him at least a hundred times what's going on. After the 6th time he said it was because he was tired of me saying no. Really? A little background is required. About 15 years ago he cheated. After that sex has never been quit the same. Embarrassing but I'm going to say it: I don't think he ever got as hard as he used to. After that I swore I'd never say no, ever.

So his saying that I was, doesn't wash with me. But that's all I can get out of him. I've told him countless times that I don't like living like roommates. He always asks what I mean and I always tell him the same thing. He'll be better for a day or two and then back to no touching, no professing of love etc. This last time he said "I don't know what you want from me" You're kidding right? Have I not been telling you for the past 3 years?

I don't know what else to do. I do love him and can't picture myself with someone else. At the same time I'm not happy. What to do?
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Make sure he has a supply of little blue pills (mine are orange) but you know what I mean. There are other options, but start there

Stop asking questions and take charge! Just do it. Start taking his clothes off, push him (gently, now) onto the bed and have your way with him.

An alternative would be to get naked and ********** in front of him. If nothing else, you'll have a good time. But he might actually decide to join the party.

Of course, he could always do what my wife did in similar circumstances: run away and lock themselves in the bathroom!

OK, I didn't say I had all the answers...

Blue pills are a fantastic idea. First I have to get him to admit he's got a problem. The second solution, while creative, isn't my cup of tea. I do appreciate the input. I think my next step is to drag him kicking and screaming to marriage counseling.