Craving Intimacy

My wife of almost 7 years have had a strained relationship for a few months. It is like her sex drive was turned off. I don't get a sense of physical desire on her part any longer. We hug and kiss, and here recently it has gotten better, but it doesn't seem to measure up to our previous experiences. I would try to initiate things, but my advances were always met with a cold and seemingly lifeless behavior. After making love one time, she told me that it felt like I forced myself upon her, then I made a mental note to not initiate sex anymore.

I still love her and try to recreate things I used to do, but I want to feel a desire to be with me. Hell, I'd probably settle for her using me for her pleasure. Things seem to be getting better in our relationship, I just want it to move a little quicker.
compressingfool compressingfool
26-30, M
Nov 8, 2012