Does Counseling Ever Help?

Is. Counseling really going to help with a sexless marriage. Would love to hear what experiences folks are willing to share.
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I have gone to counseling for a number of years seeking for some middle ground. For us the communication got better but not about intimacy. Now wee haven't gone for a year and things have gotten worse. Was it because we stopped going to counseling.. no, I don't so.

Professional help is different for everyone. In our case my wife knew how the technical terms and was able to spin things to mirror her views better. I always felt no one was truly listening to what I said needed.

Seeing a shrink(i dont know how to spell psychiatrist) is ok as long as you dont have to pay for it........They get money for old rope........ive seen a few of them in my time.

It depends if you are both willing participants. Counseling can help bring out the issues that are causing the lack of sex/intimacy in your relationship. One thing I have learned, no matter what each one of us plays a role in the break down of a relationship. Once identified, both parties have to work on their part for the success to happen. So YES it can help....but you both have to do your HW. Good luck :)

I totally agree with Nutmeg! If both of you are genuinely willing to do your homework... the underlying issues in your relationship will float to the surface and you'll make progress towards resolving them. A result of that will be a closer relationship emotionally... and also physically... :>)

I agree. It takes two to tango. If both of you are not willing to explore your shadows around sex and your relationship, you will see little progress. it also helps to have a good certified sex therapist, who both you and your partner trust and respect. My partner and I worked well with a general practice therapist, but at one point, the therapist said that he helped us as much as he could, and recommended we find a sex therapist.