13 Years And Counting...maybe

I love my husband. He is a great father and a good husband. He cares about me and my needs except for sexually. We used to have a great sex life until he became ill and depressed. He is now better on both but he sex drive has never recovered. When we first got together we would do it almost everyday. Whilemhe was sick nothing for 18 months. After we started getting better a couple times a year.,and now NOTHING for 2 years.When I get really frustrated he will give me oral sex but I tell you that is NOT the same.I want to stay with him but it is getting so hard (no pun intended). I hear my friends or family members talking about their sex life and I become jealous and embarrassed.I feel like its a horrible secret and I thought no one else had ever went thru the same things. I don't want to get divorced but I feel like I really don't have a choice. I am much too young for this mess (31). I have stuck it thru with him in bad times but for me this is the worst.
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Sorry to read. My wife has been ill with cancer for the past couple of years so I'm kinda there too. Trouble is I feel really guilty for feeling, well....... , horny when she is so sick.

I totally hear you and sympathize with you. I have been married for 18 years to a woman who seems incapable of desiring me sexually, or satisfying me. The thought of living this way for the rest of my life seems too much to contemplate.

Thanks for sharing. I know exactly how you feel because I love my wife but she has no sex drive whatsoever. She is my dream wife in every way except in bed. Like you, our sex life was great at one time, but is virtually non existent now. I will never leave her but it is not easy. Thank god I am able to **********!