When Do You Consider It A Sexless Marriage??

I haven't had sex in 6 weeks.. We would normally have sex at least 2 x a week. For a little over a week, he's been in the spare bedroom.. Told him i need my space to figure things out and that I don't know if the marriage is right anymore. The whole relationship started negative and I was very negative at that point in my life. I have really changed and think my marriage is a big negative stress-or for me, everyday... I'm giving myself some time to think about things.

How long does it have to be, when you consider it a sexless marriage??
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IN MY CASE TWO YEARS ! i had heart surgery which temporary health problems , my wife isnow looking for excuses too tired, i should lose a stone etc etc I have alsmost given up ! there is female at work who would have sex with me . but i will not have an affair! I would luv sex every 6 wks!

Find out what is wrong ! We are moving abroad to try and re kindle the old spirit . weused to be at it like rabbits ! this is my second marriage and we have been together for 6 years and married for 3 !

Well is this a reoccurring pattern or an isolated incident? If its a one time thing then I wouldn't consider it a sexless marriage. It sounds more like a break.

Typically you'll find most experts will say sexless is when frequency reaches 10-12 times a years or less. But you'll also find a number of others that will quickly counter with when it becomes a serious problem that begins to divide a couple. Of course there's a lot of gray area in the middle.

Every marriage has its it ebbs and flows as they say. When you reach periods of no sex for 6 weeks that is a sexless marriage in my book. However, lets say then for the next few months it every 3 weeks or even a week or two of once a week then reverts back to 6 weeks. I think the key isn't how often but rather "Why the long droughts"?

Seems like you're being awfully selfish

You don't know me or my situation .... please don't judge me!

I think the answer is subjective. The only real measure is your own circumstances. I saw a website somewhere that listed the average, which I think was two or three times a week. My wife and I have never even come close to that, even before the kids.

If 2 times a week was normal for you, then any serious deviation from that would be your own measure. However, it sounds as if you're contemplating the marriage as a whole, and not just the lack of sex. Maybe you should decide if you want to be in the marriage at all, and then work on the sex.