Arranged Marriage, The Worst Thing That Your Family Can Force You Into,

Summer last year I got forced into an arranged marriage, my parents forced me into this as my boyfriend was not the same race or religion. We had been together for 8 years and I loved him so deeply. We had to end our relationship as my parents did not approve. I married into another Bengali family in Manchester, even though the man I married was bought up in this outcry he still followed in the traditional culture. Being married to a man who you can't emotionally and physically connect with made me feel sick. It took my parents 6 months the big mistake they had made I was on the verge of committing suicide, I only went through with cause my parents were ashamed of the guy I wanted to be with and I was 'getting old'. I don't recommend anyone to go through this if they have douts in there head no matter how miner. Now I'm waiting to file for my divorce and more on with my life with the love of my life. Sometimes it's hard to fight for hat you want in life.

Always follow your heart

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U gonna marry the one who they said no to? X