Is it possible to remain as friends after having an emotional affair? I my case is seems that it is not possible as the other party still has strong feelings.
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

It is possible to remain friends even after a physical relationship. However anytime one party is not over a relationship and the other is, things have to cool off for a while.

BTW, my best friend of 20+ years and I were bf/gf twice and even lived together. We had to back off for a while after the second time. Neither of our spouses have/had a problem (my husband passed) with it. If you have a partner who wishes you to break off all relationships with those of a compatible gender and sexual orientation, (s)he has problems.

Honestly you should stop communication with the person it will cause extreme jealousy in your future relationship No one wants to see someone they like or had an emotional affair with someone else