Life Is Like A Circle......

Why are you always running away?

Perhaps I am always running to something, and not away.

And when you get there, what do you find?

A moment of happiness. A moment of satisfaction.

A moment. I would think you want more than a moment.

Time is all a matter of perspective.

How long is a moment to you?

How long is a man from china.

Sue long is his sister, I know. But seriously!

I string my moments together and they become eternity.

So you believe in string theory?

No, actually I believe in string cheese. Much tastier than anything one could find in particle physics.

There is no accounting for good taste.

And there is no accounting for precious moments. At least no rigid accounting method.

But what about your memories?

I am constantly creating new ones, prefer to leave the past behind.

And yet, you are constantly reliving the past, refusing to learn from it.

Are you saying, I am in some sort of existential loop?

Well…. Then tell me… why are you always running away?

RunToTheMoon RunToTheMoon
51-55, M
3 Responses May 7, 2012

Very fun! --- and interesting

That was pure pleasure to read.... Loved it!

Im in awe of the way you express you feelings..