Love of My Life

I've been in an international relationship (UK/US) for 3 years now. We met online 4 years ago as co-workers. Since 2005, we have been going back and forth to live with one another. The longest period of time we've ever spent apart is 3 months. He's a wonderful person and I couldn't imagine myself being with anyone else.
Chiru Chiru
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Hi Chiru -

This is Stephanie. I'm a casting director in NYC. I'm working on a show I think you might be right for. I've posted the casting notice below and would love to hear from you if you'd like more info. Thanks!

NOW CASTING: Long Distance Relationships

Are you in a long distance, romantic relationship with someone in another country? Are you considering picking up your life and moving abroad to live with the one you love or are they considering doing it for you? Or have you already made the decision to move overseas and you’re about to embark on the journey?

If so, we’re looking for you! A major television production company is currently searching for people who are in long distance relationships with individuals who live abroad in order to participate in a documentary television series for a major cable network.

We are specifically seeking cultured, English-speaking individuals from all over the world. This show would follow peoples’ lives as they make the leap and move abroad for love.
If you are – or you know – someone with plenty of personality who is currently thinking about uprooting for love, or about to do so, or has thought about doing so in the past, then we want to talk to you!

To submit or nominate someone, please email the following:
Full name(s), age, and contact info
A short bio on your relationship and how your decision would impact your friends and family and career
Several photos of both you and the person you’re currently dating abroad.

That's excellent! My girlfriend is from Korea and Im from Canada, we met at university in the UK. We've been together about 6 months now and have gone back to our home countries. It's been 3 months apart now, I plan to go visit her in a month and a half.<br />
<br />
Just wondering, what type of work do you do that allows you to travel/live back and forth in each others' countries?

I met my love here on EP a very short time ago. He is from London and I am from Ohio. He is coming to see me for 10 days in June. I would never in a million years have dreamed this would have happened. Any tips? Thanks!

Wow, I haven't gotten to do the traveling as of yet. Double Wow, my love is currently working in Newcastle, and has for the last 9 months, when the project is over, he will come to me here in Alaska.

That is fantastic!!! Are there kids involved? I have a 9 year old daughter and she loves to brag that she's been to England 3 times LOL<br />
<br />
What part of US and UK? I'm in Michigan and he's in Newcastle (North east)

hi there! i was just wondering how you handle your long distance relationship where there is a child involved? i have a 6 year old and we have been traveling to the UK, vice versa. he is from hamsphire and i am from GA. we planned to get married but have held it off because of the uncertainties and "unsure". i know this is common but how do you overcome that? we have been together for 3 years and my son loves him. he has a son but no custody so i have decided that we do the uprooting. any advice? thanks :)