Mexico and France

 I am from Mexico. My boyfriend is from France.

We met last fall in the US. He was doing a two month internship. I was there for an international exchange semester. We met at an international welcoming party and then talked at an international welcoming picnic. We spent a whole day talking about music and life and that very night everything clicked perfectly.

This is my first relationship. He has had many before. We were together for a month before he had to go back to France. The three months after that, we were in limbo, because he claimed he had had a bad previous LDR experience, and yet we maintained daily contact and talked on skype once or twice a week. By November, despite all that, I bought a plane ticket to go visit him over New Years. When I went, quite honestly by then we were supposedly back "on" but I had no guarantee until the minute I got off the train and we hugged. It was the most amazing holiday break I have ever had.

Now, it's been almost 3 months since I left France. He will graduate in the fall, and I next summer. I have plans to go visit him for the month of July. 

I admire the people on here who can go for more than 3-6 months apart. You inspire me and remind me to be stronger. The reason I wanted to join this forum and the LDR ones were to find people who understand the dynamics of an LDR, and more specifically, an international one. The cultural differences are fascinating, and it's one of my favorite aspect of my relationship. I hope we can mutually support each other through this process. Thanks for reading!

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Great to read your story.

LOL... I appreciate your comment. It started out open and positive, yet ended on a negative note. I am obviously open to all kinds of opinion and fully realize that it's not all a bed of roses. However, despite the odds being against us, I would like to try to stay optimistic. Thanks for taking the time to read. :-)