This Is Such An Odd Title For An Experience Group

Makes me want to ask its members just how many nations they've been involved with.

Nyxie Nyxie
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17 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Heh heh heh. Roman hands and Russian fingers...who's Hungary? ;P

Chilean wines....wowza!

UC! You global HARLOT, you!!

Lilt, whatever do you mean?? I haven't been to Iowa in years.<br />
<br />
Coyote, great advice.

Nyxie, your jokes seem to be getting cornier by the day.<br />
Could it be the company you keep?

Oooh! Possibly, Josie! He could probably "Count" on her to be Greece-y, at least. ;D

Lucky girl! I imagine he's a Count or a Prince! '-)

Ewww! Kinky!

That's grease. And she did do that.

Lilt! You naughty thing! At least you didn't do it in Greece.

I did Turkey, but it just made me really sleepy.

Kind of my original point, Myo. If you are having an international relationship, you could be doing the United Nations!

Isn't this sort of like "Debbie Does Dallas" on a global scale?

BWAHAHAHAHAA! Or from slipping on Sicily!

El, you never know with Belgium. Sure, she's small and flirty and makes great chocolate, but she can be quite "the country scorned" if you love her and leave her. I'd make sure she doesn't have an Air Force if I were you. <br />
<br />
Martinelli, you mean you actually got that boot off? You dawg!

I spent a whole weekend with Belgium back in the day, still get the odd mash note.

My fiance is Canadian, I am American.