Super Long Distance

I met someone online 4 months ago completely by accident. I wasn't even going to talk to them for more than 10 min, but for some reason we continued to talk and eventually got to know each other really well. This is an US/Italy relationship. We haven't met yet, but we really want to. It's hard to tell when we will meet since we are both relatively tied down with our education (we are both in university), not to mention traveling expenses. Is there anyone that's been in a similar situation that's worked out? 

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7 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Yup! I'm leaving in about 10 days to meet my love. We met 3 and a half months ago through an au pair website. He is a widower and has two small children. I was looking for a way to travel and have a deeper life and he was looking for help with the children but we ultimately found each other and have helped each other immensely. It's incredibly exciting and also quite scary since this is a HUGE transition in my life. I know I'm ready to meet him. I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!! But the prospect of becoming a parent over night is a bit daunting. I think I'm getting cold feet because it's actually happening. I know though, and I have known every single day for the past 100 days, that I want to be there, I want to be with him and I want to be with the children. I love him, I love children and I love to travel.

This is going to be an adventure to say the least!

Good luck with your love, it's very exciting :)

Me too! We haven't met yet but we want to. He want to see if it's possible for him to come in Italy to know me. Are you italian or american?

USA and Bulgaria we met online 4 years ago and had no intentions on falling for each other but after awhile of talking non stop for such a long while we eventually did we are both seniors now in high school and we plan on meeting each other over the summer break before college its going pretty well so far but u have to trust the other person and spend lots of time on skype and messaging and if you really care about the person itll be worth it ^^

after four yrs. of being a broken-hearted after my aborted wedding, there came this guy from US who suddenly popped up in my life. We chatted for almost 9 mos. now and soon after a month we'll finally meet for real... long distance relationship needs time, efforts, patience & of course considering money matters it's tough... but it's all worth it. After 9 mos. of waiting, we'll be together soon for real & we both are looking forward to settle down soon... keep the faith, everything is possible!

USA and Germany. Met in person, and dated 9 months before he had to return home. LDR for 7 years and on December of 2010 we became husband and wife! It was a struggle and we waited because we too were tied down with school, family etc. But once we got everything settled we were able to make the process. Now we are getting used to being together all the time...and i gotta say, I'm pretty happy with it lol...

Aaaaw ^^ Well,i am in a international relationship myself,im from Serbia and he's from brazil... we met by tooootall accident online 2 years ago,as i watched some vacation blog he posted...i contacted him,and we started talking more and more,which turned into real,sincere friendship and finally into love. Sure,it's really hard,and it took some time to convince our parents and friends it's not just bullshit (and we're so 17,he's 18),but now it goes just perfectly! We met in July, he got a job as an english teacher besides college,and came here to spend a month with me and my family, and they love him, even my dad likes him a lot! ^^ Our next time will be in january, and then we should go to Rio in july....that give us strength to continue! <br />
Your story is also nice,i believe all of those international relationships are a true test....with love, trust, strong bond and enough patience,you can make it! Good luck! :D

yup, just as Bulbula said.. but we will meet and we will stay together, but it needs time and money. <br />
Good luck with your relationship.