Chinese/ American

My boyfriend, who I am VERY committed to, is an American-born Chinese ("ABC"). We live in New York City and his parents live in Jersey; he hangs out a lot in Chinatown. He speaks Mandarin (he says his Mandarin sucks, but he has a tendency to understate his skills, bless him) and does kung fu.

The thing is, I recently had a "freak-out" about not feeling like he was committed, but as it turned out we're far more different culturally than I had thought. I believed that because he was born in the States that he was the same as me. Turns out, he's kind of in-between: not totally American, but not totally Chinese either. I think it's beautiful that he's a new breed altogether, and I find Chinese culture fascinating... it's just important to keep in mind that when you're in an interracial/ intercultural relationship, their fundamental rules and yours aren't going to be the same. It's important to talk about this to reach mutual understanding.

LadyLaurenJayne LadyLaurenJayne
26-30, F
Dec 6, 2007