I Love My White Chocolate<3

I'm African American and my boyfriend(Of 3.5yrs) is White. I was never attracted the white men before him. Idk why, it really just never cross mind honestly. But when I went to high school I was in a magnet program where the majority was white rich kids, and most of those kids all went to private middle schools where there weren't alot of minorities. I found most of them(not all) to be really racist, and it was just a big turn off for me and was one of the first times i actually experienced "racism". I met my boyfriend the summer before my senior yr and we started dating the following year and he's the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for lol. I love him so much, and his race isn't even a concern. We do get alot of stares when we're out( mostly from black guys or old white ppl) But what bothers me the most is that my dad doesnt agree with it. He thinks "it wouldn't be fair to our future children". He has only mention that to me once but i know he still feels that way and will never truely care for my boyfriend ever. It just sucks because my dad is totally different with my sister's bf than he is with mine. I just wish ppl didnt make such a big deal about it, and just accept ppl for what they are whether they were black, white, pink, or blue. We are all human and that's exactly what i will teach my future kids. But for the interrational couples out there with children, How does being biracial effect them?
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Well im black and my boyfriend is white and we have biracial twins..,,theyre still babies but i dont think they will have a bad future bc they are biracial. Theres alot of biracial ppl who are execpted..probably more then black ppl. I dont know where your dad has been but he needs to come from under that rock and open his eyes