Black Girl With A White Guy

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. He's a 27 year old white guy and im a 19 year old balck female. You can imagine what people had to say about our relationship but we're still together. We have 4 month twin girls who are absolutly beautiful! Any problems that we have rarley has anything to do with the racial difference. Other then some dumbass people saying stupid stuff out of their mouth once in awhile and I get mad bc I felt that he didnt defend me. We have soo many other things to worry about like getting our place, raising our daughters right and building our life together. Racism is STUPID! but who knows if it will ever go away...I love my boyfriend and my kids and I wouldnt take back any time that we've spent together.
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2 Responses Aug 14, 2011

I am a black 17 year old girl that lives in South Africa, I'm very attracted to white guys I think the reason for this is because I'm adopted by a white family. For me its not different, I call my white mom "mom" and for me a do believe its my real parents but its not. Where I come from seeing a wm bw relationship is like seeing a purple unicorn walk by you, I would love to date a white guy but sometimes I'm a little scared of what they might think when I approach them.

I agree. All love is beautiful