In Black And White

I'm a black woman, and I'm currently in a relationship with a white male. He is 22 , I'm 23. We met through a mutual best friend, and the most notable thing I can say about our relationship is how compatible we are. Race hasn't affected our relationship in any way. It's not better or worse because he is white. We just happen to be extremely compatible. I've been in relationships with different types of men and I think the most important thing to remember is, interracial relationship or not, we are all unique individuals. Our experiences wont be enhanced or subtracted from because of the races we come into contact with. *Side note* He is amazing in bed!!! So much passion ;P
MeaganMinx MeaganMinx
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I'm so happy for you.....My boyfriend is white and he is so the opposite he doesn't show me that much attention,and bed what bed I think where just holding on because of how long with been together I don't wanna live alone yet I'm young and scared to be by myself