Mexican And Asian?

Yup. I'm asian and my boyfriend is mexican. Our races have their conflicting views, but we get past them. We always get stared at wherever we go, and being who he is and being who I am, I get embarrassed very easily, and I try to hide. But him, he drags me to a sitting area with a lot of people and sits us down on a chair and hugs me. Being from a family of "old fashion asians" my father believes women should do the housework and that they should do as they're told. I mean, he's not that bad, he lets me say what I want to say, but when he wants something done, he wants it done now and without question. Anyway, since I was brought up to listen obediently to men, I was like that with my boyfriend. But in his family, and with his personality, women make decisions. He's started to bring me out from my shell, and I like it a lot. My father actually likes him, which is good. And my mother liked him from the start. His parents like me too, and already call me "daughter in law" (in spanish of course) and I'm hoping this lasts a long time. Already been about 4 months and we're still going strong. I love him so much, and we're in an interracial relationship :)
DarkCelestriaRose DarkCelestriaRose
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012