Indian Girl In An Interracial Relationship With An African Guy

I am an Indian girl 22 years old. I have been in a relationship with an African Black guy and both of us are very happy in this relationship. My parents have met him and know him as a university colleague but I had till then not yet told my parents about the actual relationship.
Although my mother has her doubts and had asked me last week end and I told her about our relationship. As I had expected she was very angry and told me that I disappointed them very much but after two days of discussions eventually they have understood and accepted it. The two days were a turmoil for all at home.
I informed my boyfriend and later on yesterday invited him 'officially' to greet my parents and he was accorded all the respect due to the son in law.
The marriage is decided to be in the month of March, 2013. The next week I and my boyfriend are going to his country where he wants me to meet his parents. His parents do not have any disapproval for this marriage.
I think race and color doesn't matter at all if you understand your partner.
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Congatulations maam (y) (y). Have a happy marital life ^_^ ^_^

God bless you dear!

Yeah good relationship ...


please help me then... i just dont know how to tell my parents. am 22 yrs old too and am mauritian but of indian background and my boyfriend is nigerian. he is coming down to see me in my country soon and i just wanna tell my parents about him before he comes..


Id love to know if u got married.. I have an indian bf and I'm african descent myself.. He told his parents but they r angry n looking for an indian wife for him

Hey.. did you get married yet? It's April!!

Hi ! I am happy for you ! I had an Indian brahmin boyfriend but we part ways eventually because of families will not agree. I just hope that your parents will not change their minds until then! Best wishes ! :)

Absolutely not.. Race And Color does' not in love....
I Strongly believe that... Love will find it's own Way....
You have right man for your right life..And my Advice is Happy for forever...

Thanks dear

You are one BOLD lady! I must say that being an Indian and knowing the Indian restrictions in culture and race.

Thanks dear

Congrats. I know you say race doesn't matter but have you come to prefer black men in general?

Thanks. Yes can say so.

So relieved after reading ur post..have become hopeful for myself..I m Indian and my bf is Congolese.. I wish things settle down for me too

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. We are also an interracial couple... caucasian hubby and Asian (Filipino) wife. While there is more acceptance in our cultures of our union, the idea of the mixing of races and ethnicities is viewed by us as ideal. We have a daughter as a result of our marriage who is obviously biracial. Hubby here obtained a vasectomy after her birth, but after several years we are receptive to the idea of the wife having unprotected sex with additional partners, a couple of whom are Black gentlemen. So we may eventually aquire an added dimension of our interracial family.


Congratulations to you ... however as a word of caution, when you do get married live miles away from both your parents and do not involve them in your marital affairs

Thanks and yes we have agreed that will shift to another place after marriage. Thanks.

My heart feels glad already

I definitely think you will need to move away from them and have some distance. Where is his family?

This is amazing. Indian and black relationships are NOT common. I am Indian with a black bf and we have much resistance. How does the Indian community react to you and him? Do you live in India?

I concur. In my country while many of the younger generation may not have a problem, the older generation East Indians spurn such relationships particularly those of a particular religious sect. Their voice (whether he is appointed or not) is frequently on the radio and quoted in the newspapers spewing out his venom on those of African descent

Thanks. Yes Indian and Black African relationships are NOT common. I also had to face similar resistance initially however my parents saw the positive side and agreed hence I count myself lucky on this aspect. But not from my relatives and extended family nor the society at large. Yes for now I am in India bit we have decided that we will shift to another place after marriage. Thanks once again for the support.

I agree with you many people come forward to spew the venom.

I think it is slightly easier outside India but still a challenge. I see some couples (Indian-African) in the USA and Canada but the more common one is Indian-Caucasian. Nonetheless, it is a growing sight and in 10 years, will be increasing. In Toronto, there are a good number of Indian-African and even with kids.

Time heals all

If ointment is not applied and soon then that wound would remain opened ... seemingly healed on the surface but rotting under the skin

Regardless, the world is progressing (I hope)

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I am sure he is a very lucky guy. You be blessed, Hope you have fun with him. Keep us posted on all the 'garam mast' things that you do.

Thanks dear sure will keep you posted dear

Garam Mast thing is okay. More than that they have to live their life together. Bless them.

Thanks asuting