A White Girl And An Asian Guy

I met my boyfriend of two years in a psychology course in college. He is Vietnamese and I am a mix of European ancestry. Most of my friends and relatives are in relationships with other white people and they sometimes make comments like, "Oh, RoseSecret, you have such an Asian fetish." I do not understand how one characteristic of a person can be so easily singled out and made to define one's interest in the gender to which one is attracted.

My mom once pointed out to me that if my boyfriend and I get married and have kids that they would not look like me; they would just look Asian. My friend (who is very well-educated and from an even more well-educated family, mind you) told me that he has "chinky" eyes. I have had multiple friends ask me if it is true that Asian men have smaller penises. How on EARTH am I supposed to speak for an entire ethnicity when I only have experience with one single person? Such a question is pretty out of line anyway.

Besides a little criticism and stares from elderly people in the community when we hold hands in public places, I don't feel that the interracial aspect of our relationship makes that big of a difference. We were both born and raised in America.
RoseSecret RoseSecret
Jan 6, 2013