I've Had A Few

So there's 3 points I'd like to add to the conversation.

1. I really hated it when I discovered partners saw me as some kind of exotic thing, like that was their primary reason for dating me.

2. My current (and hopefully last) partner is sweet - we met online and I had no photo or description, and he had no idea who or what I was. He was shocked when he met me and then he torn as he liked me but didn't want to be in a mixed race relationship - some worry over being seen as that "white guy who is into asians". I suppose I am supposed to be offended? However it was a bit of proof that he wasn't someone like the above.

3. Imagine 1000s of years from now when this is totally not going to be an issue, and people will even have a hard time reading this stuff and understanding, because the human race will be completely mixed with no distinguishing "race types" any more. But you know humans... I am sure they will find something else to pick on by then. Parents of the world will be yelling at their kids, "You can't date so and so because {fill in the blank}".
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I imagined that number three. LOL