Perfectly Matched

I am a black women in a 6 year committed relationship with a white man. I have to honestly say that we have been blessed not to have had to many crazy moments. Every now and again we might have a run in with the ignorant and profane loser but we have always been able to laugh about it, then keep the focus on the only two people that matter in this relationship: US.
However, our only bone of contention is his mother. My family adores him. But, he has a very strained relationship with his divorced parents; he hasn't spoken to his father in over a decade and has a very dysfunctional relationship with his mother. She has been invited to meet me on several occasions but never has. It is like if she doesn't have to meet me she can pretend I do not exist.
We try not to let it become the elephant in the room but sometimes we have some heated verbal duels in regards to the matter. It is hard not to take offense. Both Bob and I are college grads but I hold the higher degree, both my parents are college educated, as is my grandfather and the rest of my family. I get into a low boil, just thinking that some one with no formal education, whom came from nothing has the nerve to dislike me because of skin pigmentation. It chaps my butt, but then I have to recall that this relationship is with two people that love each other.
Honestly, other than the issue with his mother we never
discuss skin tone. It isn't something you even really pay attention to. We have so much in common, that the one thing that isn't takes a back burner in our lives. After all is said and done at the end of the day, we crawl in bed, hold hands, tell each other how much we love the other and drift off to sleep as just a boy and a girl deeply in love.
soulfilledbliss soulfilledbliss
41-45, F
Jan 23, 2013