American and Iraqi Engaged

I came to South Korea over a year ago to teach English. While meeting other foreigners, I met an Iraqi man who is in Korea to learn/teach Taekwondo. Since I did TKD for several years as a kid, we immediately hit it off. I joined his class and we soon started dating. We became inseperable and moved in together soon thereafter. After almost a year, we are now engaged.

He and I have different views on some things, like religion, but we agree on most other things. I can't believe I was so lucky to find the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

People laugh when we tell them our backgrounds... if only our governments could learn how to get along!
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Love is all above, I wish you a happy life together and your love for each other never get changed.

What about your parents views of your relationship? How did you all convince then to agree?

Thats awesome...I hope to meet a woman once I move to Brazil from the USA

so sweet, i am so jealous with you..... congratulation ^^

Awww... how sweet :) <br />
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I'm lovin' this!

That is so beautiful. What a wonderful story. I hope you are together forever.

What a wonderful story. Congratulations :)

im iraki as well,, i have some how similar story but he has the iraki nationality plus the american ,, he lived most his life in the us,,basically american

Hi <br />
So are you married by now? I hope so! <br />
So He's Iraqi? That's great, my husband is Iraqi aswell and I'm a US citizen. We always tell people 'we make love not war'<br />
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Sounds like a nice adventure/romance story. :3

this is the power of love.... <br />
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The idea of "Great harmony" by Confucius is coming to town... <br />
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Good luck!

wish you both live happy for ever.

Blessings to you both.<br />
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Governments always have vested interests and hence pretentious.<br />
Love has no boundaries.

Such a beautiful story! Wish you two all the best!<br />
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Take care!<br />
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hi expat in korea, what a beautiful story!! i honestly dont truly know what love is--but but you two have it whatever it is! i think ppl get hung-up on that word, love. love is everything, love is all there is, love, love, love---AND often do not recognize they've just, or could, connect, trust, and commit to someone close to them. your guy sounds really neat! our govts cant 'find the secret' to getting along because they have selfish, greed-inspired agendas to cleave to.<br />
i also like how in your profile you have listed 'you will change the world.' not wish, hope or want to, but will. i like your thinking.<br />
were you a teacher in america and didnt like it or was your dream always to teach abroad to experience living in a country you like? my sister wanted to teach english in japan because she loves japan--but veered away from boooring english teacher studies to concentrate on writing fiction about other lands. again, loved your story!! :) mayapie

I'm glad everything worked out for you. I wish you two happiness for the rest of your lives. This is a really great story that makes me happy that two people can look past their differences and find love in the most unlikely situations.

im happy to see that someone is trully happy. wish this can be eternal. but don t you be alone in this trip: both need to feel the same, respect mutually and not just confort each other due the fact that you both feel a bit bitter with the fact of having no close friends, parents or relatives. How about out of there.... ? still love is everything in life... anything else is just illusion.

What a wonderful story!!! We'll all be waiting for our invites!! LOL