We don't have a drastic difference but there IS one. I'm from Estonia, you know, the land of blonde, thin, and round blue-eyed people (although I'm not quite blonde or very thin); my boyfriend is Mexican-American, tan, dark mysterious almond shaped eyes, curly black hair...

Funny thing is that I never look at him as non-white, it never mattered to me either. It's only once in a while I tell him "You know, honey, you're not a European, like I thought I would date!"

When I was small, I lived in Soviet Union, when Estonia was part of it then. We had only 2 channels and later they started showing us all those Mexical serials on TV, the whole country (Estonia) and Russia was crazy about those serials. We watched them one after another, for years. Could I have ever imagined that one day I would move to U.S. and meet a Mexican? If someone told me that in the past, I would not only laugh at them, I'd think they were crazy.

We have religion issues too - he's Christian, I'm spiritual but not religious. We learned how to deal with it. We do have our differences, but lots of things in common, including life philosophy. Oh, and of course we love each other really, really strongly.

When I see an interracial couple on the street, especially when it's obvious how different those two look, it always makes me smile. I really love when people put aside stupid measures like color or looks and value more important things like human spirit and personality. Yey those couples!

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I like interracial marriage too

Hi I am in a inter racial relationship.I always liked meeting people from different countries and cultures .One point I would like to make,I think we make the best looking children.I am white and my wife is dark skinned so our boy looks tanned .it just seems to be the good mix and most simular couples I have seen.The kids always look good.I could be biast though..These days with travel made easy I see it more and more and I think it can only be a good thing

i started dating a guy who is black,white, native american , irish, and puerto rician..... i am french,irish and like 1/10 native american..... our eyes are the same hazel greenish brown..... without a shirt he is pale like me ..... i am blond his hair is dark black brown...... i think is the sexiest man i have been with because of his poetry and his good contrubutions to society... he is soo loving and gently.... dont get me wrong he can party and have a good time to but he is inteligent and well mannered too... i didnt really acknowledge the race thing until about 2 or 3 weeks in..... i always look at him as the person inside when he speaks or we touch..... my sister is the one who brought it to my attention..... it wasnt an issue for me or him but i didnt expect to get soo much heat....... my sister says she hasnt seen me this happy in a while and is real positive but then some days she is like u know u cant fall in love with this guy..... dad would not allow that..... what the ****.....this is a great person and i refuse to end things just because of that...... its not a factor to me..... i am torn between family and a soulfull connection i found with this person.... i am going to take things slow to make sure its not just a crush...... its feeling more and more like the real thing and i havent told him about my dad being prejuduce yet...... i dont want to ruin it :(

Hey, <br />
<br />
I am new to the experience project, and since I stumbled on it many hours ago, I haven't been able to do anything else. <br />
<br />
I am an African, a Nigerian Female, who was born and brought up in Lagos, Nigeria, Western Africa. I currently reside in Lagos,and got married two months ago to a German. <br />
<br />
I guess I would have to start a new thread, or write my own story a bit later, but I just want to say here that it is my belief that God made us all to abide in peace and harmony with each other, and anyone who says anything in the contrary about the plans that God has and calls themselves a Christian needs to rethink a lot of things. <br />
<br />
That being said, I heartily commend all of us in Interracial/ Intercultural relationships, we definitely rock! It is a lot of work, but then nothing good comes easy. <br />
<br />
Keep your heads up. Peace & Love

I also love seeing interracial couples. And whenever I meet the children of interracial couples, for some reason, they always seem more eloquent and well-mannered. There is a boy in my school named Ismail and he's half dutch and half afghan I think. Anyways, he's such a gentlemen and he's intelligient.

Kenya, you've got a loooong way to go. Good luck!

I am a 33 year old african american woman and maybe i am a little bit old fashion, but i believe interracial relationship dating is wrong. not only does it becomes a issue it has a lot of other people from other races looking at themselves. i have been to many places and have seen lots of things, but i think it is really look down upon, iam a christian and has been in church for a long time and i do not think god made or intended it to be that way. society has made a lot of people look at the color of the skin before they look at the person personality, people judge you on the way you look and the color of the skin. sorry, but i have not accepted that one yet, but i am not a racist

I love seeing interracial couples too.

You sound like a very intellegent and sharp young lady, as well as being beautiful. He must be some lucky guy. Bet you are something to see when making love, your white body against his dark tan one. I have enjoyed an interracial relationship, they can be really fulfilling.

Where I live, it is no big deal (OK, almost). Religion has surpassed "race" (whatever that is supposed to mean) as an element of contention between otherwise intelligent people. I hope you live in a neighborhood where each child is valued as a treasure.