Love Is Crazy

I've started a new relationship with a wonderful guy. The problem isn't his race but that his lifestyle is so unlike mine! I'll tell the whole story... I'm a white woman (32) divorced from a  Muslim Arab guy and  I have an 8yr. old in a Catholic school. I've  been divorced for about 7yrs. I've been dating a younger (by 7yrs.) white guy for about 6. It didn't work out. He didn't have any ambition and would work, but super lazy about himself and other stuff. BUT I went to Mississippi to visit my best friend  and meet her fiance ( they're black, if u care). Anyway, I met his brother and there it is . I would never have guessed that in a couple of days I'd be so interested in anyone. He's a very thoughtful, sexy, helpful, sweet man. A little younger (4yrs.) no college and he's been to prison! I love him! He'd do anything for me and He's proving it by saving for a house. We're going to have some problems with race I'm sure, but seeing that I love him I don't really care. The different societal backgrounds we'll have to work on. I'm going to school so he said he'd go too. It'll work out great. 
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Good for you, I wish you the best!