Love Is Crazy

I've started a new relationship with a wonderful guy. The problem isn't his race but that his lifestyle is so unlike mine! I'll tell the whole story... I'm a white woman (32) divorced from a  Muslim Arab guy and  I have an 8yr. old in a Catholic school. I've  been divorced for about 7yrs. I've been dating a younger (by 7yrs.) white guy for about 6. It didn't work out. He didn't have any ambition and would work, but super lazy about himself and other stuff. BUT I went to Mississippi to visit my best friend  and meet her fiance ( they're black, if u care). Anyway, I met his brother and there it is . I would never have guessed that in a couple of days I'd be so interested in anyone. He's a very thoughtful, sexy, helpful, sweet man. A little younger (4yrs.) no college and he's been to prison! I love him! He'd do anything for me and He's proving it by saving for a house. We're going to have some problems with race I'm sure, but seeing that I love him I don't really care. The different societal backgrounds we'll have to work on. I'm going to school so he said he'd go too. It'll work out great. 
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I will pray for you, interracial relationship dating, and coming out the closet, would be one of the most hardest things i would ever have to do. it is not beautiful, and it is not wonderful, it is against the law, to be seen with a black man, no one wants to see it. there is more racist black people then ever, do you really want society to look at you as being dirty, do you really want people saying what is wrong with you, do you really want to explain to your children why they are different from other children because of race, race, race. think back, history speaks for itselfs. i will pray for you, i am a christian and i am a usher in the church, but you must know that it is a disgrace to the black race.

Love and respect each other and your differences can be worked out... Good Luck.