White and Eurasian

Since I am Eurasian I don't think our interracial relationship is as obvious as others. Some people can tell I am Eurasian, whereas others think I am 100% white and some think I am 100% East Asian. Though I'm quite sure plenty have assumed I am his Thai mail-order bride. I have to say I definitely feel our relationship is more accepted in general in the UK and Europe than it is in Canada. No one said anything, but it was clear from the way they looked at us that they disapproved. Then again, we also have an age gap, so it might not always have been due to our colours... However, I am convinced it was to do with race when old Chinese people glared at the both of us. Age isn't so important to some of them, but race is. Some don't want their relatives with a 'gwailo'.

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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

im eurasian in england(chinese irish as well), and find that generally most people are quite unbotherd, although i have definately had some racist confrontations, most people keep their opinions to themselves. ive had a few american friends, black and white, and found them to be very vocal about race. at first i fought it was racism but i think its a cultural thing, like they are quite aware of race (definately more than the uk i think) and also very outspoken. my dad not racist at all, but i have met a few chinese and korean who are.