Being In a Interracial Relationship

I have been dating blk guys since I was in highschool. My first love was blk guy and we were in love. I am white, and my family made a very bad big deal about me dating a blk guy. Now, I am 27 and in love with a 36 year old blk male,who I have been with for 2 and half years. I have mixed children, who we love with all our heart. My family still has a problem with it. Can anyone tell me what do do about it?

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You have moved beyond your 'family' and now have a family of your own. You can influence your children, but when they become adults - they will live their lives on their own.<br />
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You can't change how your parents think, but you can live your life and raise your children and (hopefully) have a loving relationship with your man. (You never specified if the 36 yr old is their father, otherwise I would have said that.) Not sure the ages of the children, either.<br />
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Well, if the little ones are yours and his, then hopefully we are talking a stable relationship (a.k.a. marriage.) If the little ones are from your previous encounters with other-race men, then your family may have a problem with your lifestyle, even more so than the 36 year old.<br />
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If he is a good man, takes care of his family and holds a decent job at least he is doing his part. If your parents don't see the good in him - think hard about if they are right about their judgment or detachment from him. If it is purely the race thing - then I'm sorry to say that it is not your problem, but theirs - and they may lose it over time. If not, don't dwell on it - you have kids to raise!

Wish I knew, I'm in that situation but my family is threatening to disown me if they find out I'm still talking to him.

Do about what? You're an adult and you're with the one you love. You can't live your life for others.