He's My World

I am in an online relationship with the best man in the whole wide world. We met online on fb in December last year and we started dating 8 months ago. I love him so much.

He found me through my friend's page and we started out as friends. He told me that he wishes he could find another girl like me (since at the time I was already with someone when we first met).

Then after the guy I was with when we first met and I broke up, we started dating. Of course we didn't jump into the relationship. But things did move a bit quickly.

Anyways, he lives in India and he is 23. I am 17 and I live in America. I hate the distance and I can't wait to finally meet him in a few months. He was supposed to come next month but we started planning too late.

I am so sick of people judging me about being with him. Yeah, I get it, we've never met and he could be scamming me. But honestly I really don't think that he is. We Skype and we talk on the phone. Sometimes, I just wish people would just leave us alone.

Regardless, I love him. He is my world and I never want to lose him ever. <3
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

can we swap details. you hit up with my man and i will hit up with yours. lets see if they are truthful. are u up for it?

My baby, Fishy loves you sho much :* <3

I love you so much too. :*