The Day I Met The Love Of My Life<333

It all started maybe a week after my ex and I broke up in January 2012. I decide to get on myyearbook then maybe a couple days someone messaged me an told me to text them... I don't at first until they messaged me again and asked if I would so then I started to talk to him. He asked me out quite I bit but I always said no because I just got out of a relationship. Then one day I too him ill think about it and said I was going to bed... Then I called back and said I can't just say no let's just give it a chance on February 9, 2012. We met maybe a month after being together and he was who he said he was, but.... There was one thing.. He texted me something after a week of us meeting and said he lied to me... I was confused?! What is he lying about? Does he have a girlfriend? What could it be... But he told me he lied to me about his age because he didn't think id give him a chance because of his age, it didn't bother me though because I started falling in love with him. We are three years apart and I'm older haha. We spent Easter together and we were together the whole summer. We don't get to see each other much now because we both work but we talk every day when were home from work and what not. I'll be moving in with him and his family in about 6 months(: we've been together for 10 months and two days and I truly love him with everything I have(:
kasieandquentin19 kasieandquentin19
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012