This Is My First Online Relationship ...

... So I am really naive, I think, about how things work.  And I'm hoping to meet people here who can maybe either calm my fears, or perhaps tell me I'm being a total idiot ... whatever the case may be.

I met "Ireland", which is what I call her, in a lesbian chat room.  I went to this chat room only because I was curious (okay, and maybe a little lonely), but it was honestly my first time really chatting in a chat room.  Most of the people in there seemed to be after only one thing, i.e. sex, of course ... And, to be honest, they weren't even very good at THAT!  LOL!  

I was about to pop out of there and never come back, when Ireland popped on and asked me what kind of fiction I wrote (my screen name was writerk).  I told her, of course, but I also told her I was about to leave the chat room.  She made a frowny face and told me that she'd never chatted with someone who could actually WRITE, and asked me to please stay on for just a little while longer.

So, I did.  For three hours!  We talked all night, about writing and music and movies ...  And, yes- we did have cyber-sex, but ... not until the very end of things.  After we'd talked, we sent each other our email addresses and said goodbye.

I thought I'd never hear from her again.  After all, as I said, I'd never chatted before.  And I wasn't sure how it worked, but I figured most people didn't really stay in touch.  lol.

Long story short, my friends ...  She did email me, and often.  Then we started meeting for chats twice a week, which we still do.  It's been over a month now, and she's never missed a chat.  However, about two weeks in, I started receiving less and less emails.  Even so, we've said the three little magic words to each other (I love you, of course), and she assures me constantly that she's only busy with work and not to worry.  

HOWEVER ... Here's what worries me:  She refuses to give me either her phone number or her address, even though we've talked often about meeting each other someday.  She says it's because she's been hurt online before (This is NOT her first online relationship), and I have to respect that.  And it's not that I'm worried she's really a guy or something, as I don't think a guy would ever put up with some of the idle conversations we have.  Right?  (God, I hope I'm right!  lol)  I'm only worried that perhaps she isn't as serious about things as I am ...  After all, she is 23 and I'm 35; she is in Ireland and I'm in the states ... That's a lot to climb over maybe ...

I think my biggest problem is that this is all so NEW to me ... falling in love online with someone I've never been face to face with is really difficult.  She IS worth the effort, mind you ... but, am I just being naive to think she really feels the same way?  What do you guys think?  I would love to hear your thoughts!  



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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Get yahoo or MSN and chat on that, and do webcam chats and stuff. Also, maybe she's just not ready to give out her number or address. Which is kinda weird, considering, everyone I've talked to online and just met will give me their cell #'s so to me that's kinda fishy. Maybe she's married or isn't who she really says she is. But, she does seem really interested in you, so that's a plus. I hope everything works out alright for you.

You know, it could go either way. I have a little story to share with you. When I was about, only like 13, I went to a private school for only about a year. I met a really good friend there, we dated of course. The years went by and every now and then one of us would get a hold of the other one. No matter how long it had been, when we talked on the phone it wasn't ackward, and was as if we just talked yesterday. Well, just recently, I got a hold of him. But this time was different. There seemed to be more. More of what? I'm still not sure. I would have never seen it coming, but hes coming up to visit me during the summer. So, my point, anything can happen. Sometimes it takes time for anything to happen, but also keep in mind possibilities of the other side of the spectrum. <br />
I wish you great luck. <br />
Btw, I think you're interesting too. :)