I Am a Product of An Open Adoption

Seventeen years ago, I was put up for adoption by my birth mother and father. Both of whom, could have raised me, but thought they were "doing what was right". My birth father already had a two year old son he was taking care of. I have been in contact with my birth mother since I was born, though up until this past year, resented every fiber of her being. Now, we are best friends and I see her every week, without her help and being in contact with her my depression would have progressed, but now I am happy to say that it is minimal. I just contacted my father in November and things have gone well, but he lives half way around the world, so it is impossible for me to see him. Some days are great, and some are horrible. Adoption controls my life and it is hard living with the circumstances of a decision that was made for you. I love my birth parents and wish I lived with them, it is just something, someday I will learn to live with.

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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

Do you think your adoptive family wasn't as good a family to live with as your birth parents would have been?