Even though we haven't had other partners since we've been together; we still consider our relationship open, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Our relationship came about from him cheating on his then gf with me. When neither of us were even considering a relationship. And because we started off that way, we knew that if we were going to be together we had to have complete honesty with each other.

It was hard for me, because I didn't know how he'd react but I told him how I felt: "I love you boundlessly, and do not want to possess or control you in any way. I want you to be happy whether or not it always involves me; and if you are unhappy in our relationship or want to have another partner, I need you to be honest about it and know that it's okay" I was even honest about the fact that I don't believe in monogamy, that I want to be with a woman someday and how I think contracts of "forever" are retarded and impractical. Surprisingly, he felt the exact same way and was willing to have an open relationship based on unconditional love rather than control.

We haven't been with other people yet; but it makes me feel good that it is always an option. I love that we can openly discuss these things; we can check people out together and say, "*********?" and be totally light hearted and drama free about it. He knows about and supports my fantasies, as I do his. And it's not just about sex, we are free to love who we choose as well.

It's truly been the most beautiful and satisfying relationship we've ever had and we feel that having this amount of trust and respect for each other makes all the difference! He is not "mine", I am not "his" - but we adore each others company and there is plenty of love here and that is all that matters :)
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I think what you have sounds awesome, but for you not for me, if that makes sense? lol I really like being "my fiances" and belonging to her, it makes me feel special that she wants to own me and isn't interested in the slightest in being with other men and I can't wait to marry her in a months time! Woo hoo! <br />
Having said that, we've lately loosely discussed possibilities of things like a 3some, and how it may come about one day and how we'd feel if it presented itself and what steps we'd take, knowing how each other feels so we don't make a big mistake that could cause us a problem. <br />
I've always been very open minded sexually and she's had a more "traditional" approach shall we say, in terms of monogamy, etc. I don't think she'll ever get her head round something like an open relationship, and even though I can (get my head around it), I know it would be detrimental to our marriage to try and take her down a life path she's not interested in and would ultimately upset her and end us. So I kinda don't see the point. We both have bi-fantasies, me having mmf and her ffm, and who knows maybe one day we'll experiment and see how that goes. <br />
We also have a really open relationship when it comes to talking about sex and stuff and I feel really lucky that I'm with someone who i think is perfect for me. I think it's great though that people are different and can have different kinds of relationships, like yours and mine are, because at the end of the day we're all different! What's important is that we're happy and healthy!

Wonderful. You can live that. Most people get jealous. Jealousy comes from fear. The fear of not being loved. So much love. Bless

Same to you kind spirit!

interesting! How long have you been doing this?

Since we've been together, so about a year and a half :)