Not Really Sure On How He Could React.

so i started dating this man in an open marriage around the time of september. i was alittle nervouse about the whole thing but he made me feel very comforable and always told me that if i didnt wanna do anything just say the word and his wife was also very kind to me reasuring me that she was ok with me dating her husband. things where going great but then they were having problems so i had backed off but me n the husband would still talk with each other from time to time. i have had strong feelings for him but i knew my place n would never try and do anything to make them split up. about 2 months ago they broke up and now are going to be in the process of a divorce because she didnt want this lifesyle anymore. me and the husband continued to date but started to see each other more and we have regularly even had a play date together with my child and his kids (but never showing affection around them). we spend every other weekend with each other since those are the times the children are not around and if he wants to see me during the week we wait until my child is sleeping and he comes over to spend some time with me. this past weekend we went out for a dinner date and met up with some friends and had an amazing night with everyone. we went back to his place and were intament with each other and then as he looked into my eyes he said i love you. i told him i loved him too which is the truth. the next day we cuddled n talked in bed and he told me that he ment what he said but he is not a monogamous man. he also told me that he will never leave me that i am his number one girl and he will always be here for me and always love me. now i know he is not a monagmaouse man when i became invovled with him and that is fine. my question is he and the x wife were together for 8 yrs and she never dated anyone outside of him. she is bi sexual so she would have her fun with girls he would bring in. my thing is if i met someone i would like to see not being a women how would he handle this? i have asked him awhile ago would he get jelouse if someone he was seeing slept with another man and he told me no. now this is my 1st open relationship where i am the main girl in the man's life and i know there will be times where i will be jealous and i am preparing myself to handle that but i am just wondering how the reaction could be if i started dating another man? i am not saying this will happen right away because i do always have my child and course i will never leave him. i adore this man i just would like to have advice on what i should expect from him.
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May 10, 2012