Newly Open And Seeking Flirting Advice.

My husband and I recently (and this has been a long time in discussion) opened our marriage. I am the more curious one, and we have both been totally honest and open about our feelings. He's the only person I've ever slept with and I really want to explore and be fun and flirty, and he is free to do the same if he so chooses. We met so young we never really had the chance to experiment.

Now if I wanted to have sex with a stranger tonight that would not be an issue, as I do receive quite a bit of attention from guys. I'm in no rush to get laid but the thrill of knowing it is a possible outcome of the night is exciting enough. I'm just trying to gauge the playing field a bit.

What's the etiquette with bar flirting? If you make it to the point where you're making out with each other and he invites you back to his place, is there any way, if you're not sure if you want to sleep with him or not, that you could tactfully say, 'okay, I'll come. But just for a glass of wine, right?' So you could essentially still go and be a little adventurous, and get a feel for if you want to do more without leading him on too much that he gets mad at you if you decide not to?

I just don't want to get into a situation where I make him angry because he thinks I said yes, when really I was undecided and just needed a little more time to make up my mind.

Any other bar/nightclub flirting advice you guys could offer me?
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I don't get much out of the bar/nightclub flirting thing because most people, male and female, seem at their 'fakest' or least real in these places. I much prefer to meet and converse either online or by dropping your email to a real person and getting to know them via conversation. It gives you a chance to truly find an attraction with them beyond what outfit or cologne they are wearing. But anyway, to answer your question if you are serious about meeting people this way, I'd go with a friend. I think your potential beau will get the hint better, that this might or might not go all the way, if you keep a friend closeby. Then when you tell the friend they can leave, when you feel safe, it will be a clear signal to them that its just the two of you for fun.