A Whole New World!

I just started an open relationship and it has totally changed the way I view relationships in general. Society tells us that we should only be with one person and up until now I believed that. Now after experiencing something way out side the norms of society I can honestly say I’ve changed.

My first time being with someone else was something that wasn’t planned or something that was even discussed until it happened. Now that it has, and now that I really enjoy it, I would like it to continue.

First off let me tell you a little bit about me before my experience. I grew up as an only child in a very religious family. I went to Catholic Schools all my life and was told sex was a bad thing and you should only do it after you are married. My parents never really let me date while in High School even though I attended all the social events like Homecoming Dances and Prom. I always went with boys but always under strict rules. I would like to think I was somewhat popular but shy. I was a cheer leader for football, wrestling and I loved running track. I enjoy working out and taking care of myself. I graduated High School never doing more than kissing a guy. Until College! LOL

Ok, College! I attend a large State School (I’m not saying where) and stated to experience the real world. LOL I started to party a bit and meet lots of new people (boys) and also joined a Sorority (again not saying which one). Then I met my boy friend. It was love at first sight! He is so amazing and makes feel very special. We were only together for month and half before I had sex with him. I truly enjoyed sex from the first time but never really opened up and let go because of my up bringing.

Then it happened! My boyfriend and I went on trip with two of my Sorority Sisters and one or their boyfriends. One night I got talked into wearing a very skimpy black dress with nothing on under that one of the girls brought because they were all going to were skimpy outfits and want me to fit in with them. Plus I thought it would be fun doing something naughty for my boyfriend once. He was so surprised when saw me with the dress. LOL We then went to a nice club for a night of dancing. Throughout the night I got a little tipsy from a few drinks and my two Sorority Sisters were grinding on me and then they started kissing on me. I was drunk so I didn’t mind and it was turning on my boyfriend too!

Now for the fun! To keep things short and not too X rated we went back to the hotel room and the two girls had their way with me and then the one friend with the boyfriend had sex with me. OMG! It was incredible! I totally let go and it felt so comfortable! My boyfriend was with my single friend and was watching everything they were doing to me! This went on all weekend! I was with the other couple the whole weekend! When we got home my boyfriend and I had a long talk about what happened. He told me how beautiful I looked being with other couple and how he enjoyed it. I told him how much I enjoyed it and how it didn’t feel weird at all. He wanted to know everything about what it was like so I told him. He told me he would be ok if I wanted to explore new sexual things and be with other people as long as I tell him all about. I’m not very experienced and he wants me to enjoy myself. I kinda want too! I’m ok with him being with other people too as long as he tells me. He says he doesn’t really want to be with others but wants me to be. He says he loves me and trusts me and wants to only make me happy and I love him too.

Ok! Here are my questions. Am I wrong for wanting to do this? Is it weird that my boyfriend is ok with me doing this even though he really doesn’t want to himself? He wants me to do this because its all about me when it happened and he says it’s like giving me a gift of pleasure (couldn’t ask for a better man). I also want to be with women too. I really enjoyed that! How often is it ok to explore being with others? It has opened a door that I’m not sure I can close right now. I love my boyfriend but get very excited by the idea of being totally free. Please give me as much advise as possible. I know I’m young but I really want this to work.

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Who wants an update?? :-)

Ithink you should what ever is right for you and your partner. The rest of the world has no place in your relationship

I was raised Catholic and attended a elementary, high school, and college. I am in an open marriage too. I love being with other families for fun and games. Yes, we do have sex with other couples. Ours works very well and I am pregnant with twin boys now. I am due on July 4th. We have played nude twister and some of women got pregnant from the other guys there. To be honest, I do not know who the father of my twins are. Good luck.

You don't know the identity of the father of your unborn twins?!!! And how exactly does your husband feel about this matter? Or is this some sort of big turn-on for him? lol And so I suppose the two of you do not practice strict safe sex practices to protect against STD's, or this would not have happened in the first place.

I don't believe humans were designed to be monogamus. I think it's a great freedom you have that many people would love to have/offer. The biggest challenge is for people to separate love from sex. If you can do that you and your partner(s) can live a wonderfully happy life. It's great to love one but you will always lust for others :-)

A similar thing happened to me in college. My bf actually told me he wanted to watch me with other guys. I was reluctant at first but I ended up loving it, and so did he!

Since this has happened to us it has actually made our relationship better. It has opened us up amazing communication that I have never had before. We talk about how it felt and how exciting it made us feel. It was amazing sex! My boyfriend is very encouraging and really wants me to continue doing it and I want to also. I love how he wants it to be all about me. He wants me to tell him all about what is done to me afterwards. There are only three tings he doesn’t want me doing and I agree. We have talked about feelings I could get with other people and he ok with that as long as he knows I love him ( and I Do!). I’m looking forward to doing this more! :-)

What are the three things he does not want you to do? I am very curious...

As long as you are committed to being open and honest with each other it can work. But, there were be storms that you have to work through. For instance, how do you handle falling in love with someone else ... it will happen eventually? Do both of you have veto power over the other if it gets to difficult for one of you?