Not Quite Polyamory

I have been dating my boyfriend for about a year and a half now. We're currently in a bit of a long distance relationship (hopefully not for too much longer), but our relationship has developed into an interesting one. We both love each other - and that's the bond we have with each other. But we also enjoy experimenting and having ties with other people (especially since it's long distance). I wouldn't quite call it a polyamorous relationship because the two of us haven't steadily dated anyone else together. What I really like about our relationship is that it gives us the freedom and openness to change things about our relationship as we see fit.
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I've always thought of polyamory as being more of a state of mind, than a reflection of the current number of partners in a relationship. IMHO, a person can be polyamorous even when they have 0 or 1 partners, too. <br />
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But that's more a question of defining the symbols (in this case, words) that we use in our communication. To me it seems the hard part is finding compatible partners so you can have a strong, fulfilling poly relationship. Such people seem a bit rare.

Each of us defines our own relationships. We don't have to accept the definitions handed down to us by our forefathers and mothers.

I'm happy to find that someone else understand the freedom to changes as it needs to be.

I'm hoping to do something like this with my current partner. We live a few states apart and it can get hard to deal with the distance, both emotionally and physically. Hopefully I'll be as lucky about this as you are.

You don't have to 'steadily date someone together,' if that is not your desire. There are lots of models of open relationships. :)

Hey what ever works for you two WORKS!! CONGRATS on finding a way to deal with the long distance part and not be jealous when it comes to doing whatever it takes to keep you guys together. I was in an open relationship once as well and as long as we were honest with the other people, we had np with it.