I Don'T Know How To Trust..

I love a married man. we dont say the love word yet... but i know its coming...

I want an open relationship and so does he. I'm not just saying I do like other girls did to him.. I really do.. I'm secure with myself and confident enough to know we connect on a lot of other levels than just sex.. He loves just talking to me. Which I think shows a lot.. All I ask is the sex with other people isn't a secret from me.. It turns me on to hear the stories and I don't like lies.... I can read through people's lies so easily... BUT I don't know if I can read through his.. I think I met my match with him where that's concerned.. (I'm a real good liar) I wonder sometimes if the secret aspect is what he finds hot and so wonder if he'll sleep with girls and not tell me.. Just because that rush of the forbidden..

I have to admit it can turn me on too.. I just want to know.. I want to be able to trust him but I've never been able to trust anyone before.

And of course not.. I know how easy lying is from personal experience.. I lie everyday. But I haven't to him at all. I feel really open and raw in front of him..
megansunshine megansunshine
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How old are you?

19. Most people who talk to me would guess much older.. I've basically been living as an adult the last 5 years...

How old is the man you're seeing?