You Are My Sunshine

This open relationship has been the most positive experience I've ever had with another individual, the greatest connection I've ever had. We have this bond that travels beyond my understanding, and with him I feel invincable, and incrediable, I like I've never felt before.

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:D thanks

Oh, well, I didn't know that an open relationship meant having engaging in sexual activities with other people. Haha, oh well ;)

When I think of an open relationship, I think of two people opening up to each other. In most relationships people hide who they really are, and act they way that best fits what they think other the person would be attracted to. To me an open relationship, is to have a healthy respect for yourself, to know exactly who you are, and for the other person to have a healthy respect for who they are as a person, and for both people involved to except and adore who the other person is on the inside. To me, that is an open relationship.<br />
The reason why I feel so good about this, to be honest, I'm not exactly sure, there's just so much that I'm feeling when we are together, or apart. The feelings range, but most the time I complete adore who he is, I fell in love with his personality. I think that you have to love yourself to truly feel love from another person. It's like this energy, this positive energy, when we are around each other, and it's just a nice feeling, to be able to be connected with somebody.