Why I Get Strenght to Deal With Ms From My Daughter

I am in awe of my daughter Natalie.  She is now almost 14 years old. One month prior to her 12th birthday she was diagnosed with complete heart block and needed to have a pacemaker implanted.  She is almost 2 years post surgery and the strength and determination that she shows everyday amazes me.  I always had a pretty good attitude regarding my MS diagnoses(I was diagnosed 4 years ago) and the two of us help each other get through difficult times.  It is like we can understand each other better because we both have medical conditions.  She has had some rough moments over the last two years in dealing with the pacer as well as just trying to deal with being a teenager.  I am so lucky to have her and am so fortunate that her condition was found prior to something serious happening to her.  I am just so amazed at how she has accepted her situation and just wants to be treated as everyone else.  I had a hard time dealing with my diagnoses and I was an adult I cannot imagine what goes through a 12 year olds head when you are told that you will reguire a battery to live for the rest of your life.  I have always tried to set a good example for my children to  face life head on and that you have to handle the cards that you are dealt.  I guess I did something right she handles (generally) her diagnoses better than I ever expected and hasn't let her pacer stopped her from doing anything, with the exception of some minor limitations. I am so proud of the young woman she has become she is strong, sensitive, compassionate and always eager to help someone in need.  If anyone has ever had a sick child you will know it is one of the worst things a parent has to deal with what made it a little easier for my husband and I is her attitude and she is truly an inspiration to both of us.
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I can only echo Erica's praise. And kudos to you for raising her so well! Your daughter sounds like she's an inspiration to everyone :)

She sounds like an amazing young woman.