Nature's Awesome Healing Powers

Not just a walk into the woods and enjoying the sights and sounds. I can't think of much that heals the soul like being in the midst of Nature.

But Nature can heal the body as well. It has been awhile since i gathered herbs, wild plants for my craft and healing teas or concoctions. Lately, i wish..need to go back to the way i once was. *smile*

Right now along the country roads are plants like the Mullien, Burdock, Blessed thistle that i would love to dry and use. Even in my yard i have anise, catnip, basils, wormwood, comfrey, dill, thyme,.... all can be used in healing.

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Never put yourself in the hands of others; when you can take care of yourself.
Use what you have been provided with; including the love of and for others.
Thank You for this wonderful reminder; help is all around us.
May you have peace.

once upon a time, long ago..;) folks relied on the healing of what God put here on Earth for our use. Plants, flowers, trees, ... And on top of it all, the healing of Mother Earth, Nature is the biggest of all healing processes. *smile*

Sound like you listen to what your body tells you.

I do. Like my body tells me at times that i need chocolate ;) No, i need a dose of nature everyday. God put all plant life here to bless and heal us... for your use. we all have lost the knowledge of the old ways!! Take care

Delilah, Hi. Before meeting my now ex, 16yrs ago. I practiced with my plants and craft. I know how to connect and take/love for nature, i do it whole-heartedly. The ex drained me.... of me. It's been a year now, and i am awakening to myself again. Yup, i am going back to the old ways... more than one way! *smile*<br />
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Eklectikceliac, yup, i love my lemon balm and mint. Both need to be tamed down in the garden, I love putting both in my bathes, also my rosemary bathes... ahhhh. *smile* I got into my craft back in the 80s. I met a ... priest, he taught me so much, and healed me with his concoctions and teas. I was a believer from that day forth. Since then i have read countless books on natural healing. Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you!

I would love to be in your neck of the woods gathering.I was trained in Western Herbalism and Maori Medicine (to a limited extent).Its winter and my mint is flourishing,my lemon balm is exuberant.Mint and Lemon Balm tea is great when your feeling down.<br />
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Your right nature is a great healer,I like to plant my feet and feel the earth's strength well up through me ! Bliss.

MountainGhost, i once knew my stuff, guess the old saying is true... use it or lose it. hmmm Anyways, i do remember some special teas and such... It's the getting into the practice of gathering. <br />
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Book stores have lots of books to learn from. Each plant is made for some kind of use. The Bible speaks of it even. God put the plants here for our use in healing and whatnot.<br />
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Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great weekend. Blessings to you.

I wish I had your knowledge of plants and their healing properties. Its a lost craft with so very few teachers.

and Nature makes me feel!! :~)

wow... more more more ... I can see ... cool :)