Women At Large

I am in awe of you women at large because of how well you know your bodies. It is UNBELIEVABLE, the male body is pretty simple and straightforward, You could flip through the manual in one night with closing credits however, the manuals on women get new editions every year and are so heavy it takes two or three guys to lug it into the house. Periods, pregnancies, infections etc - I guarantee you that women are on top of it. There are a few exceptions but I believe firmly behind even those 'scared' of women is a brilliant knowledgeable mind at work. I'm still figuring out how certain aspects of my body work and I watch girls walking by with the whole thing memorized. Pretty darn impressive and I am in awe.
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5 Responses Jul 22, 2010

LOL! Ssshhhh Cab..! you're not supposed to tell! LOL!

Heh heh heh, you funy boy you. I can't say we're always in-tune, we just like to sashay serenely through the womanly stuff and appear like Earth Goddesses in control and above it all. :)

Just goes to show how sensitive we are.... inside and out. LOL!

LMAO! I kinda like how you threw "infections" in there.... LOL!

Hmmm, you may continue ..... X@