Wearing My Girdle and Stockings

i wear lingerie 24/7 and as soon as i get up in the morming after i am showered and have shaved my legs .i put on my panties and then my pantyhose and then my girdle and a pair of nylon stockings.then my slip and i am ready to go to work.and the loveliest feeling is putting on my girdle and slipping on my nylon stockings.there is nothing like it in the world.love phylisanne

phylisanne phylisanne
70+, F
3 Responses Mar 15, 2009

That feeling of your legs sliding against one another as your corset or waistcincher holds you tight, just makes you forget about the troubles of life. I just posted another segment of my story on "How I learned the Pleasures of Crossdressing" that you might enjoy.
I own a small business and go to work the same way you described each day and even keep some heels, tops and skirts there for after hours. I'd love to hear more of your stories if you are still around, would you add me as a friend? I live for Live Rocky Horror Shows in October so I can get out my fishnets and boas and high heels and tell the world "F... ..U. I hope your friends and you can view my photos, I keep clicking Open to all but it keeps reseting for Friends only.

Thats just great........you are my kind of lady.Love women in nylons and stockings and nice nylon panties.......sooooooooo sexy. Love it.Nice shapely bra too......in pink!!!!!!!!!

it`s a wonderful feeling to feel your girdle oullong your nylons tight against your legs