Wife Likes Me In Panties and Stockings

 My wife lets me wear panties, girdles and stockings everyday now for 8 years. She doesn't like me to wear the rest of it though. I love all kinds of heels and have some set a side for --well you know when. I do wear camisoles most of the time in the winter months, basically anything that I can wear under my men's clothes. I love the garters pulling  on my stockings, it always centers my thoughts back to the fact that I'm in public wearing what I LOVE MOST . Just wish I could wear some lovely sling back heels everyday with my jeans.

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My wife lacks the interest that I have for feminine wear especially those nylon undergarments which make me feel so erotic. My secretary and lover of 15 years is the opposite and loves bringing me undergarments to wear while we are working. Now I am retired but will always cherish the many years of dressing in pure bliss. Secrets in Lace are our favorite selections. We both felt we were dressed for making love. It was a dream come true.

My wife started me wearing feminine lingerie after i told her that her legs felt so good in stockings. Before i new it i was in a lace bra garter belt lace panties and the silkyest stockings it was great. With her support and help i now am a very feminine male.

Wear your high heels and enjoy it. Life is too short.

Have you ever worn a bra under your clothes in public, and does your wife know what you wear? Would love to hear more from you..