One dark winter morning in 8th grade my mom was driving me to school when suddenly I turned to her and said something she still teases me about to this day. I informed her that I wanted to go to college next year. You see, I figured I had learned everything I needed to know to prepare me for college classes already and I didn't particularly want to deal with the drama of high school. She just smiled and told me that she would remind me of this conversation in four years when I graduated from high school.
Luckily, high school wasn't half as bad as I had expected, and those four years went by quickly. I was in the drumline and we spent an average of 12 hours together each week for all four years (including summers). I did pretty well in classes, nine of which were advanced placement (only offered junior and senior year). And I became close with many people from all different groups in my school of 1500.
Senior year I was accepted into quite a few schools. I finally made my decision; I chose a well ranked school about 7 hours from home. I worked all that summer at a low wage job and by the time August rolled around I was ready to head off to college in all it's glory.
The first few weeks went as expected. I became friends with the people in my hall, I got along with my roommate fairly well, and my classes were interesting, but not overwhelming. Then I got sick. The little things got on my nerves and I realized just how juvenile my hall really was. My roommate and I started to become closer friends and we spent more time with our door closed, still giving each other space. I was in three choirs and two clubs, but it was getting to be too much and I dropped one of each. Classes started to overwhelm me. I struggled to earn good grades on my lab reports, anthropology papers, and chemistry exams. I didn't feel close to many people, I didn't feel like anyone really understood me.
Recently I have started to try to address these problems as my first semester in college comes to a close. I still feel lonely and I still struggle in certain aspects of certain classes. College has definitely been much different than what I had expected back in middle school. I hope things start looking up soon... All I can do is keep trying...
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took me a while to find the right balance and my true friends , stick with it,,and don;t get over tired

I'd suggest that instead of retreating into your room, get out of the hall and make friends with some upper classmen. You'll find that when you get out of college, there will be juvenile people around you for the rest of your life. It's better to learn how to deal with them than to simply shut them out. One may end up being your boss. :)<br />
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Get involved in social events and make new friends. The closeness will come once you have found the right set of friends. That doesn't happen over night.<br />
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Put up a note in the dorm "Do you need some closer friends? Let's all get together tonight at 7:00 and discuss it." You'll probably find there are a lot of others in your same situation.