I Moved Away Today

August 1, 2011

Today was my first day i ever moved away from my family or moved at all. i know its the best for me if i wanted to get a better education and leave my small town and move to a bigger city to experience new things.

im the first grandchild to graduate highschool and go to college. i am the oldest grandchild so im expected to set an example for my younger cousins.
i didnt have a lot of money to begin with so, i am currently rooming with two room mates who are my aunt and uncle. they are too students themselves.

i moved from a small town with one grocery store to a city with free ways and a few sky scrapers. now me, being a small town girl, this was all new to me.
i am learning fast where all the near by stores and things and i know the important parts to stay away from.

i am thankful i am allowed to stay with my uncle and aunt because their house is only five minutes from my school so it is very convenient.
i will start school August 29, 2011 and this is my story i have to tell on " when i moved away".
DranaBanana DranaBanana
18-21, F
Aug 2, 2011