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New University....still Feel The Same Way

I am now a sophomore in college. My freshman year was one of the worst 7 months of my life. It was not how I expected my first year of college to be. I was about 5 -6 hours away from home so I only went home on winter and spring break. I was very lonely, isolated, depressed and then I started to have thoughts of "Why am I even in school?" Everyone around me seems to have adapted to the college environment and social life quickly while I seemed to be lost in the world. When I was in high school I had group of close friends so I did not feel this way then. I tried to make new friends during my first year of college but it was not easy. Everyone seemed to be much closed minded, only interested in the social atmosphere of college and not academics, and wanted to be like everyone else but themselves. I thought the reason I did not like college was because the school was not for me so I decided to transfer.

Now as I am in my sophomore year at a different school and closer to home I still feel the same way. The only good thing is people are more open minded here and more take their education seriously but I am still suffering from the problem of finding a small group of people I can call friends to hang out with. I think since I am not like the average girl or the average college student and I am not very outgoing, sometimes shy until you really get to know me, and I am interested in more than what the average teenager or young adult is interested in it is hard for me to make friends in college. Everyone gets sucked into of what society believes is acceptable and if you are not like the rest of society then you are not accepted. At home I am a complete different person than I am in college. Everyone thinks I am very smart both academically and street smart, funny, laid back, chilled, nice, sweet, truthful, cool  person to know and have as a friend. In college since everyone seems to act the same and is scared of change nobody knows how I really am so I tend to stay too myself a lot.

Sometimes since I really have no one to connect to in college I get depressed and start thinking what if I drop out of the traditional college and go to school online.

intelligent92 intelligent92 18-21, F 3 Responses Sep 4, 2011

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i am also a college sophomore. College isn;t easy; both the work and making new friends. Patheticaly I haven't made any new friends either.

I know exactally how you feel. Even though I'm only a freshman, i felt like that all during high school as well. I'm naturally a loner and usually prefer to do things on my own, but at the same time it's very hard to be in school and be looking "in from the outside". I love to read and i love to draw and paint, but in college that's not "cool". People here aren't much better then they were in high school. Very catty and are very judgemental. I wish people would take academics seriously bu that's not what college is really for in the 21st century according to society. And it's obnoxious.

i recently started a new college 2 weeks ago, i still do not really have any friends i do anything with outside of class. just realize that not everyone has it easy and getting depressed sometimes is fine, keep trying to make a few friends as i know i will, and don't be afraid to go out on your own as long as you aren't doing anything too unsafe. word of advice also, when you go out pay close attention to anything you drink or are handed to drink, i have heard horror stories already from some girls i've talked to about being roofied and apparently it is more common than i had believed. i wish you the best and remember that school is important, but so is having some fun.