Something About My Life...

I m a man in uniform,
wid a symbol of anchor.
i m man whose transient world is ship's engine room wid hydraulic machines, generators & engines as relatives.
Surviving around d temperature of 45°-55°C fr d motion of propellers.
Wid a risk of lyf & commodities.

far & too far ........ 4m d society ,frnds, parents wid a hope of reaching home.
surely dis is nothing but an adventurous lyf......
itz lyf of

Creator of tides.
Turner of stroms..
I will hav my own rules.
I will hav my own norms.
Ferocious i am...
Lethal in form..
Ahh u got it ryt..
i will be the
A new place.
A new face.
I work hard.
Party harder.
Not mama's boy,Any more.....
But a man who lives life hardcore.
Miss my family.
Mis my wife.
People call it MERCHANT NAVY
But i will call it's life............@_@
marinervin marinervin
18-21, M
Dec 11, 2011