I Changed My Major So Many Times.

I didn't really know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I remember when I was in Kindergartner my teacher had these papers to color with people that were a police officer, nurse, doctor, teacher, fireman, etc... I remember asking her...can I color the policeman even though I'm a girl? or the fireman? lol and she said sure! You could be and color whatever you want to be. So I decided I wanted to be a police lady tehe but then quickly changed my mind and decided I wanted to be a nurse. I had no idea what I wanted to be. In high school I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I was in this law program in high school and worked in a law firm as an intern when I was 16. Decided I didn't want to go to school for 7 years and that I didn't  want to be a lawyer. When I was 17 I started taking general classes and declared liberal arts as a major. When I was 18 decided I wanted to work in the travel industry so enrolled in a 9 month program at this school and got a little certificate so I could work in the travel industry. I was a travel agent for a week but found it boring so I quit. I would of loved to have been a flight attendant but couldn't because of my daughter. I started working at a hotel as a reservation and front desk person and actually loved that job. But I hated the hours. They made me work evenings, weekends and holidays. I worked for the hotel industry 3 years. I took a course to be a real estate agent but decided not to do that either. So some years ago decided to go to school again. I started taking some classes and claimed Graphic design as a major but ultimately changed my mind once again and finally settled on Business as a major. I figured with a Business major I can go anywhere. So yeah...I finally made up my mind to major in business. I would of finished already if I would of made up my mind earlier but I don't regret any of my decisions. I work full time and have a daughter so slowly but surely completing my degree finally :D
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You might be somewhat late to bossiness major, but your experiences definitely would help you to be good businesswoman :)

Thanks. well actually I feel that its never too late. I already started a business once with my last ex. And I have some plans for the near future. I'm going to continue my day day job but do something on the side for extra money. So everything I've learned has helped a lot.

Aww, what a trip ! I think with all this specialities in Your mind, You must be an extraordinary competent business woman. Glad You've found a nice way for a job You like :D